Friendly greetings!

   ... it's a pleasure to meet you

My name is Matthew Cook. I am . . . well, a lot of things. I'm a visual development artist. That means I like to think about imaginary things and then draw them. I like to design creatures, buildings, islands, puzzles, toys, robots, furniture, vehicles, and just about anything else for animation and video-games.

Making things up is even more fun when you can do it with other people, so I also like to teach others how. I am currently a visiting lecturer in Illustration at the University of Kansas School of Design

I'm also a Product Designer. Have you ever wondered where a sticker comes from? Sometimes I make them; stickers, crafting kits and all manner of fun and useful crafting goodies for EKSuccess.

Did you know I'm also a scientist? It's true. A computer scientist engineer. I do a little programming and a lot of math. (I also look very dashing in a lab coat.)

When I get time away from all that drawing and mad science-ry I also like to write. I write short stories, curious little vignettes, and all sorts of other creative scribblings besides.

The point is I like to think, and I like to make things, and I'm pretty good at it. Maybe I could make something for you?