The Caretaker’s Village

Built by the first peoples generations before, the caretaker has watched over the people of this small Central American village for as long as anyone can remember. Visitors to this isolated mountain town are often unnerved by her presence, looming over the rooftops of the city, but for those who live here she is a constant reminder of their heritage.

Vintage Haunted House Designs

I designed this set of halloween themed images for a decor crafting kit. They're based on a vintage harvest look, and were designed to be spooky but still bright. The house draws on Gothic revival architecture, but I've mixed together several styles in the window shapes and ornamentation to give things a more general, timeless look. 

I don't usually get to paint things to this degree for our decor kits, but this project was an exception so I tried to take advantgae of the opportunity and explore a lot of different textures and materials. 

Many of these images are available as part of the EasyImage 2016 Halloween set. You can make a shirt of your very own with any of these images. Just search the EasyImage site for the keyword Halloween2016

Halloween Hands

A series of Halloween Hands I designed for the EasyImage website. I thought it would be fun to render each image in a different style. 

You can make a shirt of your very own with any of these images. Just search the EasyImage site for the keyword Halloween2016

WLSN Hover Droid

This is a set of hover droid concepts I designed for BranitFX for a short film they were working on. The droid would be the interactive component of the computer system on a space station. It could move around independently in the zero-g environment through ducted fans, and interact with the astronauts via speech and various UI elements it could project onto its surface.
The second set of images is a set of rough shape sketches I created using Alchemy as a way to generate some interesting organic shapes for the droid.

You can see a version of the droid they developed from these designs in this short holiday greeting BranitFX put together. 

All images and video copyright © 2012, BranitFX.

State of the Union Hover Tank

The final address of the last President of the United States sets the stage for a post-apocalyptic, post-millennial hero's tale.
This is a set of hover tanks I designed for the amazing VFX team at BranitFX.


These were very early concepts. You can see the final designs in these 2 teasers on BranitFX's web site.

All images and video copyright © 2012, BranitFX

Summer Stuff

A selection of summer themed images i designed for JoLee's EasyImage iron on transfer program. You can download your own copies of these images on the EasyImage web site. Just search for keyword "summer2015".

Copyright © 2015 EKSuccess