"There's a what?""A sheep." "A sheep?" "A sheep, right there. You can just see the outline in the bushes." "Thats just a shadow." "No, see, here. There is the back part, and this black thing is its head, and the ear is there, its got one up and one to the side.' "You must be kidding." "No, it's there. Look, you can even see the glint in her eye from the camera flash." "Oh, so it a her now?" "Yes, her name is..." "Was." "Is Kali. We named her after that Buddhist goddess." "Hindu." "What?" "Hindu, Kali was..." "Is" The detective sighed, " a Hindu goddess. Goddess of destruction I think. Kind of an odd choice for the name of a sheep." "Look, it doesn't matter what I named her, I need you to find her. She was in this picture for the parade today so she must be near by. One of the spectators or the parade people or someone must have seen something."