"NN-nnn-n-No your honor, H-e-n-3-r-y, with a th-ttt-three.""A three?" "Thh-tt-thats right your hhh-hh-honor." "Look Mr. Gorin, the law says that to grant you a name change, it has to be 'in the best interests of the public'. I fail to see how changing your name to Henry with a three meets that criteria." "Bbb-bb-but your Honor. THH-THhh-thats NNN-Nnn-nnot...YyyYY-Yyyou kkkk-kkccan't ..." "Mr. Gorin ... I can't understand you. Mr. Gorin ... MR. GORIN ..." "Nnno-nnoo yyyo ..." "Mr. GORIN. Mr. Ritchie. If your going to be councle, learn to control your client or he will be healed in contempt." "Yes your honor, he's just a little excited." Nick turned to his friend, "Mark, you've got to calm down." "Nnnn-nnn-nnNN-No, ddDDDOn't tell me whhh-wwhh-whhat to do. MMmmMmm-Mmy name is Hen3ry!" Mark was almost hysterical now, "Yyyyyour Honor, please!" Nick forced Mark into his chair, "I told you, let me handle this." He turned to the judge, "Your Honor, My apologies. It won't happen again." "Well see that it doesn't Mr. Ritchie" "...but I think you can see how important this is to my client your Honor. It's just a name, what harm could it do?" "But a three? H-e-n-3-r-y?" "I know it's a little unorthodox, but I think you'll agree that Mr. Gorin is an unorthodox person." "This is not the way I envisioned spending my entire afternoon Mr. Ritchie." "Well let me put it this way your Honor. If nothing else, my client is a VERY persistent person. Last year my client sent 344 letter to The New York Times demanding a correction to the spelling of a crossword puzzle key from 1988." "..." the judge sighed heavily and then reached for his gavel, "thats it! Stand up Mr. Gorin." Mark rose from his chair and glanced meekly at the bailiff, holding out his hands for the shackles. "In the interest of the sanity of the public, I here by grant your request. From this day forth, you shall be known as Hen3ry with a three M. Gorin." Hen3ry's face lit up, "Oh Yyyyy-your Honor, THhthhthh ..." "You can thank me by never setting foot in my court room again." "Right away your Honor." Nick grabbed the still stunned Hen3ry by the arm and headed for the door. "Bailiff, next docket."

Nick flew down the stairs at the front of the court house and practically danced as they walked down the street towards Hen3ry's building. "You see, what did I tell you," Nick laughed, "and it only took 4 hours." Hen3ry nodded and smiled. "Well, I guess I'll have to be using your new name now." "ThTh-ttthats OK Nick, you can call me wwh-what ever you want." "Well, I guess I'll just have to give these to somebody else then." Mark reached into his coat and removed a small silver case from his breast pocket. He took a look at the case, shrugged, and then passed it to Hen3ry with out looking. "Business Cards! Nick!" "Yep, it's official now." The two friends continued on to Ferrel Street, and then up the three flights to the office.