The first time AkuAku spoke, no one was there.        It had been almost 3 months sence Aku was built, but but no one lived in the house. He could vaguly remember some flashes of what had come before, but only vague and fleeting images. He could remember when they cut the vents in the celing. That was the first theing he saw becuase the vents became his eyes. They were square and slotted and had metal fins that could be opened and closed. Not the most parctical of eyes, but Aku didn't care, he was happy to see the floor below him. He could remember the darkness and the gravity and worried that nothing lay benieth him but some terrible pit. It was reasuring to see the concrete below.         The next thing Aku remember was the day his windows were cleaned. The windows sat atop aku's head, and made a starburst crown to anywone who would lie on their back and look up at him, but his crown was covered with paint, and the light could only make a diffued shadow in Aku’s room.