Computers Have Lots of Kinds of Brains

This computer is incharge of the rest. I told it so. It wasn't the first one here, or the first one built and running, or anything first. The others said I was playing favorites, but because none of them existed yet they were only talking in my head, and their personalities had not fully diassociated with my own. The only one that really could have put up a fight is the laptop, because it came here from a previous job. Laptop, lapdog, lapland. This one not working. I tried to give it my name and it said to me, but I couldn't understand what it said. It was all in 16s. I keep it here. I don’t know what else to do with it. I can't just throw it out. The parts are still good you know. They said on TV that people are made up of $126 of raw materials if you break them down into constituent chemicals and elements, and the fact is that with this computer, you don't even have to go that far. It has ram which is like the brains of the computer, and it has a drive which is also like the brains. And there is also the processor and the motherboard which are like brains that the computer has. The computer has a lot of brains, but not this one, it doesn't work on account that the brains that are in the drive are corrupt. It’s not a bad computer, it’s corrupt, in a data sense.

This one has a printer, and that makes it the loudest of the computers. The printer is loud, and it makes a screech, but louder are the words that you can print with it. They say things like words are mighty and pens too, and books, or pencils, or I guess crayons when you don't get them on the table, just keep them on the paper. But I think that a computer must be mighty too, but only when its printer is mighty. The printer is like pens for the computer. The printer also needs paper, so thats the computers paper I guess. Or maybe the computer doesn’t own the paper, but just the printer, and the printer lets the computer tell it what to write. Like when you go to the barber and say give me a haircut, but the barber knows that what you want is for him to cut your hair, and he uses his scissors and buzzing clipers, and you supply the hair. Well on the computer, the computer supplies the brains and the printer gives you the paper and the pens and what-not.

This computer has a pink post-it note on the front stuck to the plastic cover. The note is in hand writting so that’s how we know that the computer didn’t write it, and also the note didnt get stuck there by the computer, becuase computers don’t have hands or moneys to by the post-it notes. And a good thing they don’t too. The computer is efficient, and it would make lots of notes telling you what to do and you would get worried and scard because you can't do all of them as fast as the computer would be expecting. The computer has lots of brains, but not the patient kind of brains, and not the kind that tells the body to smile either.

This one is not a computer. Its an ocilliscope. The scope has a green screen and you can see, but there are no letter keys for typing about what you want the computer to do becuase it’s not a computer. It does have buttons, but they are not for playing with becuas they change the screen and then people can’t see what the screen is telling them becuase they make the waves too big or small. The scope has brains too, and can see very well. The scope tells you all about the waves, but it has no frineds, because who whats to hear about waves all day, not me. The scope also has arms of sorts. They hold the other computers and look at their insides like a doctor, but you don’t have to pay the ocillisocpe, he has no magazines and all of his stuff is inside him, there are no rooms or anything.