"For goodness sakes Jack, sit down. Your driving me crazy." "What time is it?"

"Three minutes past the last time you asked me what time it was."

"What time is it Nick?"

"It's," Nick set his apple down on a nearby box and cocked his arm into the air to pull back the sleeve of his coat, "It's 6:41 and 21, 22, 23, 24..."

Jack sat down with a huff on the edge of the stairs and grabbed Nick's apple.

"28, 29. Hey!"

"Your mouth seems to be busy at the moment," Jack took a bite and smiled.

"You asked. Look, you have to calm down, they'll be here."

"They were supposed to be here over an hour ago!"

"Quit complaining and try and enjoy it."

"You enjoy it."

"I was until you took my apple."

"It's an apple warehouse Nick."

"I know, but I brought that one from home. It's a macintosh and these are all granny smith. They're all sour."

Jack took another bite.