Slow pulsing strings music sets a thrilling, tension based mood. The camera pans out from behind a large piece of scientific equipment. We find ourselves in a cavernous scientific lab, decked out in every direction with large and impressive pieces of scientific equipment full of blinking lights, glowing dials, computer screens, and brightly colored liquids. The scene is covered by the dim hum of the equipment, the bustling of workers in he background, and an occasional bright flash of electrical discharge. The sound of a soprano opera singer slowly fades in.In a lower corner and from a distance we see a group of people. Standing among them are several henchmen dressed in dark uniforms and faceless helmets with their guns trained on a spy in a tattered white tuxedo. The spy has his hands healed behind his back by Dr. Fe, a woman in a skin-tight leather suit and a lab coat. The spy is angrily exchanging words with Prof. Colossus, head scientist of the lab who is standing, aloof, some distance away, tinkering with a piece of equipment.

                                PROF COLOSSUS (in a cuban accent a la Fantasy Island guy)         Well well well. It seems we have a spy in our midst Dr. Fe. I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone came snooping around, but I'm afraid your far too late.

                                SPY (struggling, in a british accent)         Colossus, you are here by under arrest by the authority of the Eur...

Prof. Colossus nods his head at one of the henchmen, who promptly punches the spy in the stomach, stopping his speech momentarily.

                                COLOSSUS (angry but regaining composure)         That's PROFESSOR Colossus. Please remember to mind your man-ners. Colossus holds a component up to the light and examines it.         My men are very loyal and they are sensitive to matters of etiquette.

                                DR FE (in a bad italian accent, with a maniacal smile)         Professor, allow me to teach out guest some manners. Fe gestures at one of the henchmen holding a gun on the spy.         You! Bring me my tools.

                                PROF COLOSSUS         No! The henchmen snaps back in place. Fe is obedient but obviously insulted. She twists the spy's arm for good measure.         I've got a little show planned for our guest. Tell me my friend... Colossus finally looks away from his work and approaches the struggling spy with the piece of equipment he has been working on. We see that Colossus is partially cripples and walks with a heavy limping effort on a crutch.         Have you ever seen an opera singer break a wineglass with her voice? It's quite a sight. Infact, with the right sound, you can break a lot more than just stemware. Colossus walks over to a mouse in a lucite cage. He lifts his deice to his view and presses a few buttons, causing it to light up.         You see, its just a matter of finding ... the ... right ... Colossus taps the lucite cage a few times and the mouse begins to squeak. Colossus hums along with the mouse looking for the right tone.         Mmmmmmmm .... Hmmmmmmm ... hmmmmm, a ha. The right pitch. Colossus points his device at the cage turns a knob, and an ear splitting dull tone begins. Everyone begins to strain under the sound except for Colossus who is humming along and conducting with his free hand.         Hahahhahahaha. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. The mouse in the cage begins to run around frantically, then to vibrate. Suddenly the inside of the lucite cage is bathed in red. The mouse has exploded. Colossus presses a key on the device and the tone instantly stops. Colossus talks to the cage.         Tisk tisk. Such a mess you have made. But the music, ahh, was it not worth it my little friend? Colossus looks at the spy.         I think everyone deserves to hear such good music, don't you Mr. Spy. HmmHmhmhmhmmm. And our debut concert in Brussels is about to begin.

                                SPY         You'll never get away with this Colossus. NATO forces are storming your compound as we speak.

                                COLOSSUS (ironically)         Ohhh, that’s too bad. They're going to miss the opening act. But don't worry Mr. Spy. They'll be here just in time for your ... hmmm hmm hmm, swan song.

                                SPY         How can you be so cruel? You had a promising future at the Stern institute. What could turn a man so evil?

                                COLOSSUS Colossus turns to the spy and rips open his lab coat to reveal his t-shirt.         Why, Overlord Incorporated, of course. Colossus tilts back into a maniacal laugh with hands up like claws, Sideshow-Bob style. Music rises to a crescendo of horns.

The frame freezes and moves back into a group of passing pictures of similar scenes of laughing super villains with the Overlord logo on their clothing. Chincy synthesized inspirational music begins to play and a large Overlord Logo and title appear on the screen.

                                SCENE CHANGE The logo and music fade to a typical office setting. We see Fe, still wearing her skin-tight leather suit, but now covered with conservative work attire. She stands facing the camera with a smile in a non-descript conference room replete with water cooler, potted plant, inspirational posters, whiteboard on which the Overlord logo is playfully drawn. To her right is a large projector screen built into the wall on which the title sequence is still playing to black.

                                TITLES Dr. Fe Ghoul - Human Resources Director - Overlord Industries

                                FE (in a much more understated italian accent)         Ha ha, well, that was me almost 16 years ago when I first came here to Overlord Industries. Welcome. My name is Dr. Fe Ghoul, and let me be the first to welcome you to your new surroundings here at Overlord Industries.

Change camera angles. Fe looks to her right and turns. Now the projector screen is directly behind her and to her left.

        As I'm sure you're already well aware, Overlord Industries is a world leader in enterprise level and service oriented evil.

Fe clicks a button on the small remote in her hand and a slide show begins on the screen behind her. As she talks, a series of images of terror, destruction, and wholesale comicbook style violence click past the screen behind her. The images generally follow what she is saying, and are accompanies by titles describing the villain or villains involved, and something about the place or time.                  Overlord counts among its members over 600 villains, rogues, knaves, deviants, scoff-laws, reprobates, and scoundrels, and over 200 malevolent societies and organizations. But here at Overlord Industries, we like to think of ourselves as a family.

This last point is underscored by a picture of many of the villains we've just seen standing in a scene of destruction and pointing weapons at eachother. The caption reads Overlord Annual Potluck Picnic.

        Today we've put together this little film, as a sort of introduction for all of you. It will tell you a little about the illustrious history of Overlord, what we're up to today, and how you can help us maintain our hegemonic grip of fear and crushing power over the peoples of the world. So sit back, relax, and enjoy.

                                FE (in a harsh and quick tone, now with a more pronounced accent)         Anyone talking, smoking, laughing, taking notes or pictures, or leaving during the screening of the film will be shot.

Fade to black.

                                SCENE CHANGE