Fake Mustache

        "That one."        "Who?"         "Don't look! He's three rows up. The one with the news paper."         Mary craned her neck to get a better view.         "See," said Judith, "look when he takes a sip of his coffee."         "You're seeing things. Why would he be wearing a fake mustache?"         "That's what makes it so strange, what could he be up to?"         "Maybe he's an actor," Mary smiled and began to giggle, "or an actress."         "No no, look at his hands. Definitely a man."         "It looks normal to me, how do you know it's fake?"         "Just look at it, the color is all wrong." Judith ducked down and began digging through her backpack, emerging a moment later with her cell phone.         "What, are you going to call the cops?"         "No, a picture." Judith seritpiciouslly held the phone just above the rim of the row of seats in front of her, peaking out just enough for the small lens of the camera to peer over the seat-back. CLICK