Front Shirt Pocket

        Sam climbed up into the seat in the row of connected chairs next to his mother. The chairs were made of wide tubes of shiny metal all stuck together in a row, and each with two pieces of stiff leathery stuff string between them. One for the seat and one for the back part. The seats were very low to the ground, so Sam had little trouble climbing in, but they were also quite slick, and when he tried to lean over against the arm rest, his new dress pants would slide his lower body out from under him. He tried the right arm rest, and then the left, digging his free hand into the shallow groves pressed into the material, but it was no use.        "Honey, try and sit still. The plane will be landing any minute now."         "Mommy, I can't. These dressed pants are too slippy. I wana wear my other clothes."         "Slippy?" Sam's mother smiled and began rummaging through her bag. "You look very dressed up in these clothes. Very hansom." She brought a folding hairbrush out from her bag and began to fix Sam's hair which had been mussed by sliding against the seats.         Sam held onto the arm rest with both arms to keep himself up. He wrinkled his nose at his dress clothes and then pushed his feet against the opposite arm rest to wedge himself in. Finally in a stable position, Sam leaned back a bit and looked down at his outfit, examining each piece of unfamiliar clothing. When he came to his new shirt he noticed the large flap of fabric on his chest with a button in the middle. "What's this, mommy?" He asked.         His mother turned from fixing her own hair with the brush. "It's a pocket honey."         Sam gave his mother a puzzled look but she was too focused on his hair, which was again being pressed up against the chair back at an odd angle. "Here honey, look out there. See? Thats where Ceci's plane is going to land. The plane will come right up to the window, and that long ramp will move out to meet it, and then Ceci will walk through the ramp and come out that door, and then she'll see how dressed up you are."         "Where, where's the plane?"         "It's not here yet, the plane is still flying, it's in the air somewhere."