It Makes Me Want to Build A Zoo

I hate you all so much,        I really really do.         I hate you all so much it makes me want to build a zoo. I'd build it on the edge of town, where no one ever goes,         but even when it's empty, the zoo will never close.

First I'd hire men with nets, and send them into town.         Each man or woman with the task to track one of you down. They'd carry each a photograph, and when they find you, well.         Let's just say your friends will have some anecdotes to tell.

"We were having lunch," they'll say, "in the open air.         When suddenly these men appeared. They were everywhere! They tipped over the tables and spilled all of our wine,         and our waiter was accosted as they broke the serving line. They all came up to Jeramy, and what an awful sound         they cast their nets upon him and threw him to the ground. They tied him up, they gagged him, and they threw him in a bag,         then they put a collar round his neck and fixed it with a tag. As they left, I hear one saying on his radio         that they'd captured Jeramy, just twenty-six to go.