Sign for a package?

        DING DONG, DING DONG        Alba stat up like a bolt and smashed her head into the underside of her bathroom sink. She held her head for a few seconds, dazed, and then felt around with her left hand for the edge of the bathtub, over estimating and smashing her hand into the fiberglass and dropping the piece of sink pipe she was holding with a loud clang.         DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG, three more sharp rings rang out in quick succession.         "I'm coming, just a minute, I'm coming." Alba struggled to her feet, head still throbbing, and dashed down the hallway to the front door of her apartment. She grasped the knob and went to turn it, then thinking twice, took a quick glance through the peep hole. Standing in the hall with his back to the door was a delivery boy. He seemed rather young for the position, no more than 15 or 16, and his appearance was not bolstered in the slightest by his uniform shorts, vest, and baseball cap, which all seemed to be the wrong size for him, though curiously not in the same direction.         The delivery boy spun in place to face Alba's door again. DING DONG. Alba could now see the pair of white wires leading from his ears to a pocket of his oversized shorts, presumably connected to some music player or other.         Alba opened the door but the delivery boy—she could now read the name tag sewn onto his vest, it said Dimitri—Dimitri was too engrossed in his music to notice. He continued to dance in place, though Alba thought it could hardly be considered dancing, bobbing his head and intermittently playing a drum solo on Alba's door bell button. DING DONG, DING DI-DI-DING DONG.         Alba stood in her doorway silently as Dimitri rocked on. A nagging feeling of embarrassment began to well up in her stomach before she realized that she was the one that should be put off. Her embarrassment flash froze into a kind of playful anger. With a quick motion she tossed the pipe wrench she was holding in her hand into the air and caught it by the head, and then without skipping a beat, she flipped the baseball cap off of Dimitri's head with a quick upward slash of the wrench handle to the underside of the visor. The hat made a graceful arc, completing two and a half summersaults and landed neatly on top of the clipboard in Dimitri's arms.         Dimitri froze mid beat and then smiled, "Whah, nice shot."         Alba gave a wry, sarcastic smile.         "Right, right, I got this package for William Nyland."         Alba sighed, "Bill is across the hall kid."         "Yeah, well he's like not home so...sign please."