It's Not Going to Happen Again

        Jessica glanced up from her romance novel and gasped. The beautiful pine forest that had been passing by the windows of the car just a few minutes earlier was missing, replaced by a desolate landscape of skeletal tree trunks and scorched hillsides.        "It's not as bad as it looks." said John, noticing her reaction.         "Not as bad? It's like a ... I don't know what! My god John, it's a wasteland."         "The trees will grow back. In fact, the fire makes the seeds germinate, they can't make new trees without it."         "And how long will that take John? And until they do, every time you look out the window all you'll see are these burned out trees."         "I get to watch the forrest grow back! That’s the best part. And since all the houses around here burned out with the forest, I don't even have to share it with a bunch of yuppie neighbors. You should think about coming out here too. The real-estate agent said every property on the mountain is up for grabs, and for barely a tenth of what they were worth 6 months ago. These people can't get out fast enough."         "Of course they are, all their houses burned down!"         "Right, so now it's safe."         "Safe? It's just going to burn down again!"         "Eventually yes, but that won’t happen for years. The likelihood of another fire in the next few years striking the same place are astronomical."         "Those are just statistics. It could all burn down again tomorrow."         "With what Jess'? The ghosts of the trees? It's all ashes now, there's nothing left to burn."         Jessica rolled her eyes.         Come on, it could be fun. We'd have the whole west side of the mountain to ourselves. There are two or three old stone buildings like mine that survived the fire just fine. Just need a coat of paint and some new carpet."         Jessica reached for her book and pretended to begin reading again. "Yeah, and garbage bags for the burned out corpses."         John smiled. "Na, the wild life got most of them."         Jessica cringed and shivered. "Ugh, don't put those kinds of pictures in my head."         John chuckled.