non linear water fowl issue

        A man is standing in a completely empty void except for a single light post and a bench. The man is leaning against the light post. The man is standing as if waiting for something, and occupies his time by glancing around, adjusting his jacket, riffling through his pockets, etc.        After a few seconds, another man walks backwards into the frame. This man is carrying a red helium balloon. He is laughing, and shouts to someone off frame.                 YEAH, SEE YOU LATER. NO YOU, SEE YOU LATER. WELL NOT IF I SEE YOU FIRST. (laughs)         The first man is very surpassed to see the other man. He looks off into the direction from whence he came, but can see no one he might be talking to, or where the man came from. The second man turns around, still chuckling to himself, waves at the first man, and begins walking off. The First man tries to stop him.                 HEY. HEY BUDDY.                 YEAH?                 WHERE DID YOU COME FROM JUST NOW?                 HUH?                 JUST NOW, WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? SOME CAR OR SOMETHING?                 NA, I WAS JUST OVER THERE?                 WHERE?                 IN THAT APARTMENT BUILDING. MY GIRL’S FLAT IS ON THE 3RD FLOOR.         The first man looks again, but sees only the void.                 WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? THERES NOTHING.                 NOTHING?                 THERES NOTHING THERE. IT’S NOTHING. WHERE’S THE APARTMENT?                 OH. (long pause) GUESS YOUR RIGHT. HEH, WHA’DO YOU KNOW.                 SO WHERE DID YOU COME FROM?                 WELL NOWHERE I GUESS.                 YOU CAN’T COME FROM NOWHERE. YOU HAVE TO COME FROM SOMEWHERE.         Both men stare at eachother for a few seconds of silence, then both start speaking at the same time. Both stop, and the second man speaks.                 DO YOU WANT TO HEAR A JOKE?                 NO. I WANT TO KNOW WHERE YOU CAME FROM. I’VE BEEN HERE FOR HOURS AND I HAVENT SEEN ANYONE OR ANYTHING ELSE SINCE I GOT HERE.                 ITS A GOOD JOKE.                 I’M SURE IT IS. DOESN’T IT EVEN WORRY YOU A LITTLE THAT THERES NOTHING AROUND?                 WHY? SHOULD IT?                 WELL I WOULD THINK SO. I DO THINK SO. I’M WORRIED. HOW DO WE GET OUT OF HERE?                 SAME WAY WE GOT IN?                 HOWS THAT?                 WELL I DON’T KNOW. HOW DID YOU GET HERE?         The first man thinks for a moment.                 I DON’T REMEMBER.                 WELL WHATS THE LAST THING YOU DO REMEMBER?                 TUNA FISH.                 TUNA FISH? YOU SOME KIND OF FISHERMAN?                 NO. I’M AN ACCOUNTANT.                 YOU LIKE TUNA FISH?                 NOT REALLY. IT’S OK I GUESS.                 OH...YOU SURE YOU DON’T WANT TO HEAR A JOKE?                 (sighs) FINE, WHATS YOUR JOKE.                 OK, SO THERES THIS DUCK RIGHT, AND HE’S HIT HIS THUMB WITH A HAMMER AND SO...                 DUCKS DON’T HAVE THUMBS.                 WHAT’S THAT?                 I SAY, DUCKS. THEY DON’T HAVE THUMBS. THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE HANDS REALLY.                 WELL YEAH, IN REAL LIFE, BUT THIS IS A JOKE. IT DOESN’T HAVE TO MAKE SENSE.                 RIGHT, BUT I’M JUST SAYING, IT HAS TO MAKE SOME SENSE. I MEAN AT LEAST A LITTLE.                 WELL FINE, HE HIT HIS WING HAMMERING OK.                 NO, NO, THE THUMB IS FINE.                 FINE. HE HIT HIS THUMB HAMMERING. SO ANYWAY, HIS THUMB IS IN A LOT OF PAIN AND HE’S JUMPING UP AND DOWN AND QUACKING AND SAYING ALL THESE CURSE WORDS AND STUFF. SO THEN HE GETS IN HIS CAR AND GOES TO THE HOSPITAL, BUT THE NURSE THERE WON’T SIGN HIM IN BECAUSE HE’S A DUCK RIGHT?                 WHY?                 WELL IT’S A HOSPITAL, SO THEY ONLY TREAT PEOPLE, NOT DUCKS.                 OH, SO THE NURSE IS A HUMAN?                 NO, SHE’S A DUCK TOO.                 BUT SHE WORKS AT A HUMAN HOSPITAL?                 YEAH. SO ANYWAY. HE DEMANDS TO SEE THE MANAGER OF THE HOSPITAL, AND SO THE NURSE CALLS UP TO THE MANAGERS OFFICE, AND THE MANAGER COMES DOWN AND THEY GET IN AN ARGUMENT AND THE MANAGER SAYS TO THE DUCK ‘