Bathing Fish

Susie - Age 8        Jeremy says the fish in my classroom are dirty. He say they swim around in the same water all the time, so they can never get clean. I told this to Ms. Greenly, but she said that’s what the filter is for. That’s the noisy thing that is sitting on the back of the tank. She says that the filter cleans the water, so its like the fish are always taking a bath, and so they're always clean every day.         I wish there was a filter like that in my bedroom. Then it would filter the air, and I would always be taking an air bath and I would never have to take one in the bath tub again. But I bet it would be kind of loud. The filter I mean. The one on the fish tank makes noise all the time. I wonder if it makes it hard for the fish to sleep. I never see them sleep, not once. Even though one time I was there really late at night. There was an open house and mom and me and Jeremy went when it was dark out. Mr. Greenly hanged up all our art projects and the picture of the two horses I drew and the one that Tammy drew that was a copy of mine. They had cookies and stinky coffee in the gym, but I don't like that stuff. Daddy says its a grownup drink. Grownups like gross things. I went down to the classroom and looked at the fish, but they weren't asleep at all, they didn't even look tired. They just swimmed around like always. The filter must be keeping them up at night. But then how come they don't get sleepy and swim really slow stuff? Maybe they just have a really late bedtime like Stephanie. She said sometimes her mom lets her stay up and watch TV until its really late, but she said that the TV at night is bad and people use swears all the time. Sometimes Stephanie uses swears too and she gets into big trouble. I hope that’s not what the fish are doing.         The fish must be really clean if they stay in the bath all the time. When I stay in the bath for a really really long time, my fingers and toes get wrinkly, but the fish don't because they don't have fingers and toes, just fins.