Super-villains, on the whole, are a very superstitious lot.

        Super-villains, on the whole, are a very superstitious lot. If you really think about it, that’s not really much of a surprise. After all, most super-villains are also riddled with neurosis of verging on one personality disorder or the other. The super-villain mind is practically a breeding ground for this kind of stuff. There are several folklore researchers who even claim they can trace the roots of many common superstitions back to specific historical super-villians, predominately in the late middle ages.         Super-villains, as a whole, are a very superstitious lot. At least in my own experience. You would be too. Having the best laid plans foiled over and over. And its always some silly thing that does it too. It never that the hero was just too powerful, that the foreign government had obvious air superiority during the invasion, that the security system computer on the vault had a redundant backup of the passcode files, no. Its always something small, some insignificant detail that no one would ever think of until of course the Monday morning quarterbacks on CNN get a hold of it and put the security camera video against the Baby Elephant Walk and add sound effects. I mean you try building a gigantic secret laboratory inside a hollowed out volcano and not have ventilation shafts and see how your scientists like working in those temperatures. And then there's these hero characters. I mean, have you ever seen a luckier bunch of fools in your life? It’s like an army of Mr. Magoo's. How am I supposed to deal with that kind of kismet? They come crashing in, snooping around in dangerous places, and then when the whole place blows up, it’s somehow my fault. There's a reason we have a shield system, and computers monitoring the core temperature. What did they think would happen when they turned them off? Oh, and crashing the helicopters into the mountain face so the avalanche would block all the fire exits, that didn't contribute the losses, no. Maybe if you'd read the giant read lighted signs you'd know they were fire exits and not 'secret escape tunnles'.

        Super-villains, as a whole, are a very superstitious bunch. It's a common reaction for such a high stress job. A lot of people see super-villians on TV making their demands, or hear them over the loud speakers of their giant robot as they're fleeing and they they think it’s a pretty care free job. After all, you get to do whatever you want, you don't take orders from anyone. There's certainly a creative and fulfilling aspect to. That’s probably what draws people to the job in the first place - other than the whole revenge, madness, playing god thing of course.