Log Power Generation

        “Maths,” said Jimmy Whales, “I like maths. And my Mom says I’m good at ‘em too.”        “Maths? Your good at ‘maths’?” said Charles in a lilting tone, “First of all it’s ‘math’ not ‘maths’. There’s only one of them.”         At some point in his life—Jimmy wasn’t sure exactly when—it had become his older brother’s duty to correct anything and everything that Jimmy said. At one point he asked his mother about it, but she’d simply scrunched up her nose and then stormed into the other room and said something in that quick low hushed way she always talked when she didn’t want him to hear her say something important. This time was no different and Jimmy couldn’t hear what she had said, but for the next few days Charles decided rather than clear verbal corrections, swift jabs and prods to the bank of the head would be more appropriate. He called it the Pavlov method, and said that all the world famous dog trainers used it to keep their dogs in line. Jimmy felt sorry for them.         “It is too maths, that's what they call it in England,” said Jimmy with a defiant look.         Charles prepared to rebut this remark, but looking around the table at the dirty looks from the visiting relatives he though better of it and instead focused his attention intently on a mound of mashed potatoes that must not have been properly mashed.         Jimmy continued, “…I’m working on a new formula now that's going to make lots of power for everyone.”         “Well power, we could all use more power dear. What kind of power is it?” Aunt Linda said, humoring him a bit.         “Like wall power, like in a socket. The news said the other day that the power is running out like a cold plants and nuclear plants and all over the world, so we need more power from windmills and, and, other places to make all the power for everyone’s houses.”         “Their called coal-plants dummy.” Charles couldn’t help himself.         “Whatever. It doesn’t matter because their using up all the cold and so we have to make the power somewhere else.”         “Do you even…” Charles began with a sneer, but quickly amended his tone into a faining interest, “ even know what electricity is?”         “Ya, I saw it on TV. It’s made of electricity balls that are all minuses. And they go through the wires like pipes from the cold plant and into the wall socket and then into the stuff you plug in.”         All the relatives smiled and Uncle Radar gave a little laugh. “Good show boy.” He said winking at Jimmy, “you sure put him in his place.”         “He doesn’t understand it. That wasn’t even close.” complained Charles bitterly, but no one seemed to listen.         “So how does your formula work honey? Tell everyone how it works,” said Jimmy’s mom.         “I can’t tell you all of it, ‘cause its kind-of secret. I’m not aposed to tell anyone. But i figured it out with Dad’s old college books. I used all the maths in the book and it’s really powerful. If, if you even tried to use it on the power grid then, um,” Jimmy motioned wildly with his hands, “it would probably blow out all the lights in the whole city or even the world.”         “Wow, well that is powerful isn’t it. You’d better be careful with that.” said aunt Linda with a smile. She turned to Jimmy’s mother. “I don’t know where he gets it, Sam was always a klutz at math.”         “Oh I know, remember, I was his tutor in high school.” Jimmy’s mom replied with a smile.         “Well that’s not fair. I was distracted by her beauty obviously.” Chimed in Jimmy’s dad Sam.         Jimmy’s Mom and Dad made kissey faces at each-other and Jimmy rolled his eyes and groaned. “Mom,” he moaned.