[re]frigerator (now in color)

Starting from last week's sketches I made a few attempts at the refrigerator composition in paint.  


For a first attempt I decided to go with acrylics.  As you can probably tell I didn't get very far.  For whatever reason I find acrylic paint to be endlessly frustrating: it dries too quickly; it looks like flat plastic once it does so; it's uneven if applied too wet; and lower layers disintegrate if you overwork new layers on top.  


For my next try I went with oils.  I had my first real experience with oil painting this last semester and found it to be enjoyable, but I've been reluctant to use it at home because of the fumes.  Here I used a small set of water mixable oils that avoid the need for turpentine, but the paints themselves still have strong fumes.

In any case, this piece turned out much better than the last.  However, because the oils take so long to dry I had to make this composition in a single pass, rather than the layers I worked with in previous oil paintings.  Working in this way is not as enjoyable because I end up fighting with the wet layers of paint.  


My last attempt was made in gouache.  I bought a small set of gouache colors some time last year but never really made much use of them other than to thinly mix with watercolors.  You can see here however that I've kept the paint thick and opaque.  I really like the results.  The colors don't have that rich depth that the oils give you (in fact they're a little chalky looking), but the layers were easy to work, and the the final piece scans really well.