Watercolor Scraps

I did a few brief watercolor paintings over the last semester that I never really got around to posting, until now.  Most of these were done on scraps of watercolor paper I had left lying around after cutting up larger sheets.  You'll probably notice the watermarks from the paper in the corner of some of these.  The other holes are from the staples that held the paper while I stretched it.  


This was based on a photo of one of those hairless sphinx cats.  The red lines were made by filling an old-fashioned lining pen with watercolor water.


Based on a much cooler photograph of the same sort of wet and unfocused view of a city street.  Wish I could find the photo.


I love a lot of the birds on here, but there are a few that don't look quite right.  They also happen to be the last few I added.  Sometimes it's hard to stop, even when you know you should.


You can never have too many walruses.