Library Snails


Make way for media study number 2!

I know I've been targeting pencil for this project, but thinking so much about color and reviewing reference material has me thinking about paint as well.  If not for this project than for others.  In any case I recently came into a set of gouache, and though this composition might be a good testbed.  The funny thing is I got about half way into painting it and decided to paint most of the color out of the thing.  I had the notion to paint back over with some watercolor washes, but the gouache is too unstable.  That's why it's a media study I guess.

Anyway, this is gouache on a fine drawing paper I usually use with pencil.  It's not very thick but it held up well to the water.  There was some buckling but nothing that taping the paper couldn't handle.  I may try stretching this paper next time to see if it can hold up.  As for this technique, it was fun to try, but the results aren't really anything I was aiming for.