Diesel Ground Sloth (EX package shown)

After the demise of the Detroit auto industry, a number of large empty parts warehouses and assembly plants were shuttered, quickly becoming important habitats for local urban wildlife.  Like artificial reefs constructed from sunken ships, a new, more environmentally focused local government encouraged the overgrowth of these derelict skeletons of industry in the hopes that a resulting blossoming of natural wonders might generate an eco-tourism industry to rival the former industrial economy.  City fathers went so far as to call for the release of many of the Detroit Zoo's specimens into the “urban biological diversity zone” as seedlings of sorts.

Although a breathtaking number of new species resulted, as products of their environment most resembled aspects of the city's former industry that residents were hoping to forget.  Although the animal lover's mecca city planners were hoping for has yet to emerge, the area has raised interest among foreign chemical and energy consortiums looking for spokes-creatures to put a friendlier public face on their industry.