The Cuthbert Modern Doctrine Engine

As HER loyal subjects, it is our duty to HER MAJESTY QUEEN VICTORIA to maintain an obedient and steadfast household, free from the undue influence of subversives.

To aid in this task. A.C. Cuthbert & Sons of London present a SUPERLATIVE NOVELTY in MECHANICAL AUTOMATA, the Cuthbert Modern Doctrine Engine.

Keep abreast of HER MAJESTY'S latest proclamations and an eye on your household with this capitol apparatus.

— Completely automatic operation, requires only 200 drams of whale oil a day. — Stately modern appointments and a handsome enclosing cabinet, fits in to any decor. — Fully serviceable by household staff and common laborers alike. — Licensed and approved by Her Majesty's Ministry of Information. — Couture and haberdashery of the finest Egyptian linens. Numerous styles provided for the discerning buyer.

An Instrument of HER MAJESTY'S Evangelism for the Modern Home.


VIGILANCE AGAINST SEDITION is every loyal subject's mandate.