Try this, got to Wolfram Alpha and type your first name into the search box.  What comes back will be the statistical breakdown of the popularity of your name (at least in the US).

I won't put my name here, but I can tell you a little about it. The year I was born the name I was given, one of those traditional biblical names, was also given to 50,163 other people in the United States, or so says Wolfram Alpha. That earned my name a ranking of 3rd most popular name over all that year, a named shared by roughly 1 is every 37 people. My name has been popular for quite some time, there are roughly 1.422 million of us in the US, but it just so happens that I was given this name at about it's peak in popularity, so a sizable number of the people sharing my name are also about my age. I meet them all the time, you have no idea.

The point to take away from this is that my name is far from unique. Something that, in the age of domain names, presents certain problems. Rather than go by my name then, I've spent the last few years inventing different monickers to use as user names whenever the need arises. That's where the name "also" came from.  For whatever reason the user name "also" was rarely taken.  This is less so today, but when it's not available, "alsoalso" always is. That's why I'll be using the company name "alsoalso" for my burgeoning business.

As baby names go, "also" is pretty rotten, but from a designers perspective it has a lot going for it.  "A" is a great letter.  Repetition is always fun. The word itself is short and punchy. A good brand.

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