A New Buck Rogers

The beginnings of character designs for a re-imagining of Buck Rogers. Setting the 70's TV show aside for the moment I'm focusing on the characters from the original radio and movie serials from the 1920's. I'm focusing on 3 characters, Buck, his female side kick Wilma Deering, and their evil nemesis Killer Kane.

Just for fun I'm making all of the characters based on animals. First up is Buck based on a bird.


Next is Wilma who I decided to make a pig.


And finally Killer Kane. Goat seemed appropriately evil.


I really liked this sort of long Kiwi beak idea.


And for whatever reason, the smaller I made Wilma the pig, the funnier and tougher she looked.



Kane was a bit of a challenge because his character in the original series is rather vague. I tried evil space man, evil scientist, evil business man, et cetera.