With the senior show fast approaching I've been working the past few weeks on logos and other identity and personal branding items. The general rule for branding is usually to be as consistent and unified as possible, which is of course very good advice, and also very boring. I've tried to work along a few themes but I'm having too much fun to stick with a single thing.

If you've been to my portfolio site (you have been to my portfolio site, right?), then you've probably seen my alsoalso circle logo.

alsoalso logo

This text logo is great, but I'm an illustrator after all, so I wanted something a little more image based. I found this bulbous little umbrella character in my sketchbook.


Based on this little guy I tried a few referencing the alsoalso logo.

bw logo

color logo

Since umbrellas have been such a big theme in things so far, I need some clouds too.

cloud balloon

cloud logo

So far this ink and dashed line aesthetic has proven to be pretty flexible. I made these signs for my senior show display.

please touch

thank you