Raised Lettering, Pale Nimbus, Time New Roman, Centered

If you've ever seen the movie American Psycho then you know how important a business card can be. Crisp letting, off white, thick textured paper stock, even a watermark. Not all of us can afford the trappings of power like that.  Some of us have to make our own.

Here's the front of my card:

card front

And this was the original back (minus the contact information):

card back jump

I liked this idea, but the image had some issues trying to be light enough to represent a pencil test but dark enough to show up on the card.  Plus it didn't leave much room for the contact info, so I took another run at things in gouache.

card back swirls

This is the back I ended up using, cropped tightly in around the character with contact info to his right.