Don't Pout, It's Unbecoming

Earlier this week I caught myself looking at the digitizing table that's been sitting, forlorn and forgotten in a heap of cables under my computer desk. One reason I got the poor thing was to spend more time sketching in color so that I could attack coloring illustrations with more gusto and less timidity.  I figured if there weren't any paints to set up or brushes to clean then I would have no further excuses.

It turns out that dust bunnies can be just as intimidating as brush maintenance. However, I refuse to give the King of the dust bunnies the satisfaction of knowing he has successfully dissuaded me from yet another important activity, so it was time to paint something.

But what to paint? And how? I've been thinking a lot about stylized figures lately and collecting blogs from people who's styles I find interesting. Two I've come across recently are Chhuy-Ing, a French illustrator, and Laura Pérez, a Spanish illustrator, and the inspiration for the painting below. That's how!

As for what, well. . .I read Wired magazine from time to time, and they always package it along with flyers for other magazines with awfully derivative fashion photos on their covers. Everyone always looks so pouty and existential. Well I can be existential and pouty too. First, here's the sketch. I'm proud to say both that I did it entirely on the tablet, no scanning, and that it's pretty rough, at least for me.

I really liked the way Pérez used a few different colors for her line work, complementing the surrounding colors so I gave that a try. You'll also notice I tried her nose/eyebrow design. She pulls it off really well, but I don't think it's to my taste. It's always fun to try new things, though.

Since I was coloring things in, I figured why not go a little pattern nuts while I'm at it. At first I was going to make them all into fruit forms (the guy on the far right still looks a bit like a strawberry), but I got carried away with stripes and spots, so there's no real rhyme or reason to it.

After chasing off the dust bunnies once I'm sure word of the revolt has spread to the King, and he's even now amassing his forces to retake my tablet. That is, sad to say, the way of things in this war-torn land. But I am hopeful that I can get a few more drawings in before the tides turn again.