In My World, All Businessmen are Short with Egon Spengler Hair

I've been working on a series of illustrations for some corporate training materials. As part of the effort I created a number of character and style proposals as examples of different directions the project could go. These pieces were from storyboards of some of the early designs. The story follows an executive at a company who carelessly loses a laptop with customer data on it, resulting in bad press for the company and disgruntled customers.

These training materials will be shown to people in a number of different counties and cultures, so we needed something that would look generic enough not to be any specific ethnicity or style, but still charming (hence the hair and stature).

For these guys and gals I drew the characters and set pieces by hand and then vectorized the line art and added digital paint. This way each component (head, body, arms, legs, etc) is a separate piece that can be animated later in flash or after effects.

More to come . . .