A Wedding in the Woods — finished pieces

Well the day is drawing near and the invitations for the wedding are out so I think it's safe to post the final illustrations I did for my good friend's up coming wedding in the woods.

First things first, this is the invitation image:

Cute, right?

Another idea that we all loved was the notion that the wedding should be attended by some of the forest creatures. I worked up a few woodland couples:





Don't they look dashing?

For big design projects I like to make some small elements that can be reused over and over wherever the design might need a little picture or accent. It's a good way to make the whole thing feel unified without making tons of custom illustrations. Even though I didn't do the graphic design for this project (the couple did it themselves and did a fantastic job!) I wanted to give them stuff to work with, so I made up some small silhouette icons to use here and there.

Finally I ended up doing a larger version of one of my original drawings that didn't quite fit the invitation. Instead this one ended up on the wedding website. I like the way it turned out.

Everyone asks which person is the bird and which is the squirrel.