Ada in 3D

Progress on my clay maquette of Ada continues, but we creative types need a little variety in our schedules. As I mentioned previously, I am assiduously studying computer modeling in Maya. In my last update I was working on a crab model, as you may remember. I still have that fellow around here somewhere, but he's mostly modeled out and ready for rigging and animation while I still need some more complex modeling practice.

Well Ada to the rescue!

I've just started in on this one, so I don't have much done yet, but it's starting to take shape.

Just like the clay model I started out with a front and side view of Ada to guide my construction. The nice thing about the computer is that I can just stick the pictures on two intersecting planes and then build Ada right over top. That way I know everything lines up and is exactly the right size. Aren't computers grand? (No, I don't think so either, but this bit is nice.)

Here's a few different views of what I've got to this point: