Ada, Modern Pretentious Minimalist Sculpture Edition

Starting to add some clay now. I'm using Super Sculpey to make this model. However, the Sculpey that comes out of the box is a sickly semi-transparent flesh tone that I am particularly averse to, so I mixed the straight stuff with 1 white and 1 black square package of colored Sculpey III to get this neutral opaque grey color ( or is it gray colour? ). If you're planning on trying this, get yourself one of those little pasta machines to help you mix the clay. Otherwise it will likely take you an entire day of kneading and rolling to get them mixed (that was my experience anyway).

So far I'm just generally building up the mass of the major shapes.

If you compare this version with the armature in the last post you'll also notice that there is an extra support coming from Ada's back. I was hoping to get away with only the 2 leg wires running through the base but after a little work with the clay that proved to be unstable. With Ada's new appendage things are much easier.

More to come, including pig-tails!