Sartorial and Coiffeurial Progression

With the major body shapes in place I've begun adding some details. This includes the beginning of her lab coat, and of course her glorious pigtails. Have a look:

Incidentally, there were a few steps in here that I left out (sorry). After working up the initial body shapes I found that I had bulked up the armature a little too much. The foil and wires were right up the the surface of of the layer of clay, so some surgery was required. I stripped away most of the clay from the body and head and then with a pair of pliers I crushed the foil and wire of the armature so it was about 10% smaller. Then built the clay layers back up.

Sometimes it's a little disheartening to take such drastic measure. At first I kept sculpting hoping I could make things work, but I think I lost a lot of time doing this. No worries it was worth it. Everything is dandy-swell and peachy-fine now.

The other bit I should probably mention is the wire I added to the back of Ada's giant mellon to give some structure to the pigtails. You can just barely see the ends of the wire peeking out from the ends of each lock. Just as before I used a section of of heavy gage wire wrapped with thinner wire, but this time the wire isn't really attached to the head armature at all. It's just held in place by the thick clay at the back of her head.

Coming up, a face.