That's a Negative on the Arms

Continuing to add details. Check out those handsome pockets. Very posh. As I alluded to in the last post, the arms were not quite right. I spent a little time thinning them down, but I began to run into the armature wire, so some drastic action was required to reposition her "arm bones".

I'm also starting to smooth down the surface and get it as even as possible. You'll notice too that, now that I have the pigtails at a size and shape I like I've clipped the loose ends of the hair wires away and covered up the ends.  I'll be doing the same thing with the arms when I have them right and proper.

Because I'm also trying to learn some computer-based 3D modeling, I will be starting in on a 3D model Ada in Maya in a little while. (Ada and Maya, it makes them sounds like little friends ^_^) I'll try and post some of my progress on that front as well in the near future.

Until then, intrepid Internet reader. Up next, arms of course.