Ada Bake

Guess what . . . No, that's horrible! I was just going to tell you that I finally baked my Ada maquette. Isn't she dashing? Here are some grainy, poorly staged photos to commemorate the event.

If you look closely at her raised hand or the edge of her glasses you can probably see that I left her in the oven a little too long so the clay got a little scorched.

I've discovered, both with this model and the CGI model I'm building, that I was taking some liberties in the 2D drawings these are based on that don't work in 3D. If you take a look back at the original sketches, you can see that straight on Ada's face is a little tall and fairly narrow at the base but in profile it widens out and become more square. In 3D this means finding some sort of happy medium and I'm not sure this is all that "happy", but the point of this maquette was to prep for the CGI model so at least now I know what to look out for there.

Still, I'm pretty happy with the way this turned out. Next up, a coat of paint (and hopefully some more flattering photographs).