Jaunty Witches and Things Without Faces

With all this 3D modeling type learning under my belt I want to start putting together some animation examples for practice and to populate my demo reel. My initial plan was to make a very generic figure dummy, something like one of those posable sketching figures, and then animate that doing various things so that the action would focus on the action and not on an elaborate character that would be hard to animate anyway.

This whole line of thinking has involved a lot of "what would I be interested in if I worked in human resources for a studio and had to see boring old demo reels all day", which it turns out is a dangerously recursive place to play, because then I started thinking that "a boring old dummy is boring and I want to make something shiny", which lead to "I bet they want to see something shiny too, that would make my animation sample stand out", which lead to "I like witches (for no particular reason)", which lead to sketching all morning rather than animating.

But look, I drew some jaunty witches!

One thing I did get out of all of this is the idea of dressing my dummy up in some interesting accouterments, like those stylish high boots. It reminds me of the character from Emanuelle Walker's Après La Pluie movie from Gobleins a few years ago.

I also briefly flirted with the idea of doing a monkey figure rather than a human, but I think I'll leave that for the second go at things.