Disaffected Youth

I've been working this week in my spare time on a lanky teen character that a friend of mine will be turning into something 3D. Things are still a bit preliminary but here are some sketches:

We talked about having a skinny looking kid with a sort of emo affect, so I was playing around with the idea of a theater geek (that's him in the middle), but it didn't quite have the right look. I really liked the shape of the one on the top though.

Ok, I admit it, I got a little carried away with other things here, but I really like the guy drinking coffee.

Thinking about hair. When it comes to emo for guys there's really only that one bangs combed forward look. It screams emo but structurally it's not much fun. I like this sort of overgrown bowl cut better, and I think it will look interesting in 3D as a mass.

Continuing to work things out here. Emo wardrobe seems to be decidedly minimal but there are a few hallmarks. A hoodie is a big one. I decided to mix in some hipster elements too. Big collars and those Chuck Taylor converse sneakers.

Here's the turn around for this first draft.