Painting Class: So Much Burnt Sienna

Well after all that exciting talk of color the previous week, painting class this week focused on value and a limited palette. Working from a still life we started our paintings using only burnt sienna (which, it turns out, is basically my new favorite color). I put a thin base layer of burnt sienna over the whole canvas to tone it, and then added or removed paint to make a base value drawing as an underpainting. Then I slowly began adding in ultramarine blue, yellow ocher, and titanium white.

Here's the result, about 2 1/2 hours or so:

One thing I'm learning is that I'm not a fan of titanium white. It's useful for making colors lighter of course, but at the same time it's so opaque that it makes them look soapy and dull. This is especially disheartening over the burnt sienna because it has such a vibrant transparent look when unadulterated with the demon white.