Doom Bunnies from the Outer Spheres

One quarter million years ago, give or take six years
a scientist of ill repute sent bunnies to the spheres.
And on their way a pulsar burst; bathed their tiny ship
in noxious radiation. None survived the trip.

Fourteen thousand years ago the tiny ship arrived
and people of the outer spheres went to look inside.
Expecting many bunnies as the manifest predicted
they found instead a frantic horror, though some reports conflicted.

Broadcast on the evening news, parents warned up front,
was footage from the hanger cam, disturbing to be blunt.
We clearly see technicians flee as radiation beams
from somewhere deep inside the ship split it's hull plates at the seams.

Then amongst the rubble we see bunny ears emerge
first two, then three, then tentacles, and then the guards converge.
A hail of rapid gunfire and a blast of flame to boot
explosions and the camera shakes, but we all know it's moot.

It's then the anchor turns away, no need to watch the rest
instead they warn the public: stay inside, that would be best.
The military's on the case, from platforms up in space
they'll fire secret weapons and obliterate the place.

But that just made them stronger, and larger, and what's more
they grew more legs, they learned to fly, not bunnies anymore.
No interest in diplomacy, they burned our peace accords,
so now we call them Doom Bunnies, they are our overlords.