Painting Class: A Second Stab At Color

We continued this week with another still life and a full palette. We talked a little before hand about cool and warm color contrasts with the intension of setting up some lights on the still life to make shadows but unfortunatly the room itself was pretty bright and evenly lit so the spot light didn't do much.

This time around I decided to try painting more directly rather than starting with a monochrome underpainting, and to do much of the mixing on canvas rather than on my palette. Turns out this is a great way to make mud. I put a whole lot of paint on the canvas, and I wiped a whole lot of it off. That's partially why everything is a little bit indistinct and wonky.

Whether painting a value study or not, in class we're encouraged to jump into the paint and not worry too much about drawing. Being drawing focused this makes me very uncomfortable, which tells me it's probably good that I'm forcing myself to do it, but I'm interested to try painting something at home over some kind of pencil sketch.