An Illustrated Tour of My Evil Lier

More observational drawings from my sketchbook. These are all from my house / evil lier. This is the fan in my bedroom. It sits across the room from by bed and doesn't really point at it. I run the fan every night, even in the winter, because it drowns out all the creepy deep dark woods sounds that are outside. The table is an antique that came from my grandfather's house and somehow ended up as my end table. It's way too ornate for the rest of my room.

This is one wall of the room next door where we watch TV. You can see my overflowing book cases on the right. They're full of computer books, most of which are out of date now but I can't get rid of them. To the left of the TV are a bunch of magazine clippings I've thumb tacked to the wall. My favorite is a New Yorker cover painted by Wayne Thiebaud of two melting ice cream cones. Under those is my cat's little scratching post thing. She likes my office chair better. On the far left is my piano.

And here is my nightstand, which is actually my dad's TV tray repurposed as a nightstand. The lamp cost $4 and does not work, but it looks like bamboo! The cloth there is an old t-shirt. I use it to wrap around my alarm clock because the numbers are too bright at night. I cover over the face with the shirt and just lift it up when I want to read the time.

These are a few buildings from near my house. The one on top is a gym that has very nice architecture to fit into the rolling hills. The bottom building is a watertower that I think is one of the better looking watertowers around.