Corduroy Penguin Plushie

I've always thought that corduroy would be an interesting material to make into a stuffed animal, but for some reason the fabric stores around here never seem to carry it. Then about a month ago I was going through the remnants bin and I found a big piece of gorgeous dark brown GIANT CORDUROY! Well the piece wasn't that big, but the whales (that's what they call the ridged, isn't that cute!) were HUGE. Turns out it's upholstery fabric which I'd never thought to look through before. Needless to say I swiped it up to make something out of.

It's Spring here in Kansas, and Spring always gets me kind of depressed because it's the start of things getting warm and then hot and then really hot and then really really bug infested-ly hot. I'm a cold weather kind of person, and corduroy is a cold weather kind of fabric, so I decided to make a penguin.

Here are some of my design sketches:

I wanted something a little unique looking so I decided on a sort of flat top approach. After a few weekends of sewing here's how things turned out.


Her (I think it's a her) scarf is a left over piece of that red wool felt I made my Mario Hat out of, and her white parts are wool quilt batting used as fabric. The beak and feat are bits of dyed quilting cotton. I stuffed her with a mixture of polyfill and about 4 cups of rice to give her some weight. I made sure to get some down in each flipper/wing before I sewed them off so they would have weight at their ends.

Here are some more glamor shots:



If you have any naming suggestions, leave a comment. I love to hear from you.