Nadar, Dazumier, 1856-58

After the KU library was unceremoniously closed for Spring Break a few weeks ago and I drove all the way into town only to find out I couldn't get in, I was really itching to give it another try this weekend. One of the books I came home with is a collection of portraits by the early French photographer Nadar. I love early photographs and the people in them so I'm planning on using the books for sketch fodder for the next few weeks. This is a quick photoshop sketch of a Mr. Dazumier, apparently taken around 1856-8.

I've been reading a lot about digital painting lately, unfortunately there isn't much in the way of quality materials, but I did find some very interesting videos Daniel Lieske has been posting on his blog. Daniel is the artist behind The WormWorld Saga which is an amazingly beautiful digital comic that's layed out with each chapter as one long flowing painting with each panel sort of melding into the next.

Daniel just recently finished chapter 1 so he's been putting up information about his painting techniques. They have been very helpful.  Keep it up Daniel!