Cast Sculpting

This is a little practice sculpt I did in Z-brush of a plaster cast replica of the eye on Michelangelo's famous statue of David. I've been trying to get my head around Z-brush for almost a year now and I think I'm slowly starting to make progress but there are still a lot of simple things that I haven't found solutions to yet. One is making sharp details.

Incidentally, I chose this cast after reading an interesting post by James Gurney over on his blog about the tradition of drawing and painting plaster casts of famous, usually classical, statues. It turns out that this was a very common practice in any art school worth its salt. Unfortunately most of the schools destroyed their casts and stop the practice in the middle of last century as modern art theory began to pervade the schools and the faculty decided they didn't need to teach things like observational drawing and painting anymore. How sad.

I took a lot of art classes in college but we never did this sort of thing. I wish we had. Especially after I found out that The University of Kansas has one of the largest collections of classical plaster casts in the area.  They're on display during the school year at the Wilcox Classical Museum at Lippincott Hall. The museum isn't open during the summerbut as soon as they start up again this fall I think I'll have to make a field trip.