Photobooth Reference on Tumblr

Finding good reference images can be difficult, especially of people. In an ideal world we would all be famous artist working under a wealthy patron or at a prestigious Academe d'Art with a whole stable of models and costumes to work from, but we lowly modern artists have but Google Image Search, and Photobooth - you know, that program that lets you take pictures of yourself with your webcam. Well some brilliant chaps have managed to collect some of those images from a bunch of working illustrators and start a blog called Not only is it a great place to see people you respect making ridiculous faces, it's a good place to find some interesting pictures to sketch from. Here are a few digital sketches I did about a month ago:

This is Nicola Rowlands. She is a british illustrator of many beautiful things.

And this is Si Smith.

Thanks for the photos guys!