The Many Head Injuries of TOtS

A little more from my class on iAnimate. Check out the previous posts if you missed them. TOtS (Thing on a Spring) is the first real rig we got to work with. It doesn't have arms or legs so there is less to worry about while you're trying to learn, but it's very flexible and expressive so if you work at it you can still get a good performance (you'll have to look elsewhere for that ^_^). TOtS is sort of the 3D equivalent of a flower sack animation.

I did two shots with TOtS (rhyme, 10 points). Here's the first, a standing jump:

And here's the second. The diving board is a prop provided for the assignment but I modeled and rigged the vaudeville style hook myself.

I really do like TOtS. I don't know why I did such violent thing to him. He's tough, he can take it.