Parasite Character Sheets

You may remember from my previous post that I did some character designs of parasites for a client. I wanted to post some of the followup work. The parasite design we finally settled on was a sort of bug-eyed worm with a big gaping mouth. Once the clients picked the sketch they liked I did a few more variations on the selected design acting out some of the actions from the proposed scripts:

There was a little bit of a debate as to whether he should have arms or not but eventually we decided they weren't needed.

Here's a rough turnaround of the final parasite design they selected:

The clients really liked this guy because the parasite would be doing a lot of screaming in the videos, and this guy is basically all screaming mouth.

In a number of spots the parasite is accompanied by a cow that does various nasty things to the parasite (all well deserved, I assure you). Here are a few quick designs I put together for the cow:

They ended up choosing the one in the top right hand corner.

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