Simple Form Analysis

These are some simple form analysis drawings I did for my class in linear perspective. I did these free hand from observation so they are a little rough. The idea was to take an every day object and deconstruct it into geometric forms. This is my favorite chair. It's a big cushy wingback number (it's much rounder than this). I got it when a neighbor moved away and didn't have room for it in the moving van. It's upholstered in a sort of crime-against-nature blue/ocher plaid. I like it because it has a really big seat so I can sit in it cross legged with a drawing board and sketch while I watch TV:

The bottle of 409 that sits on my shelf. I feel like I should have some sort of heart-felt personal anecdote about it, but really it's just 409.

This last one is "my" sewing machine. I say "my" because really it belongs to my mother but I'm "mostly" the one who uses it ("mostly" because it lives on my work table covered in the half-finished remains of whatever I'm "just about to get back to"). The bulbous dohicky behind the needle is a secondary set of footdogs that advances the top fabric at the same rate as the bottom. It helps to keep the two bits of fabric aligned when trying to sew something thick. I used a ruler for a bit of cleanup work on this one.