Walk Cycle

Another piece from my iAnimate class. This is a basic walk cycle with Skyscraper. Isn't he dreamy! http://vimeo.com/27457091

We spent three weeks working on these cycles. I could have spent 3 months. This was the first time I'd worked with a full, human style character rig. There are easily 200 different controls. Getting them all to work together is quite an experience. It's so complicated!

Because there were so many controls to worry about, and because I had 3 weeks to work, I took a slightly different tact with this project. I would start with a clean slate, work out the basic block-in in about an hour, spend another hour or two trying to smooth things out: add details, fix hiccups, etc; then I would stop and walk away. Then the next day I'd look at what I had made, and start again on a blank slate. That way I could come at it each time with fresh eyes, and spend my time making the right choices the first time around rather than spending hours trying to iron mistakes out of a mess of keyframes. This walk, the one I turned in, was number 12.

Looking at it now there are a couple of things that make me cringe, but I'm pretty happy with the results.