Hector The Ivy Plant in Broad Strokes

Back to oil paint this time. I've been leafing though the archives on Nathan Fowkes' blog looking for ways to improve. He has a few posts with progress shots of his gouache landscapes that were very revealing. It looks like many of the paintings start with a bright wash over everything and then builds dark values on top. This painting of morning glories from March 2007 is a good example.

Fowkes is working in Watercolor with white gouache, but I decided to try with oils. Bright yellow wash, big strokes, oversized brush, and careful planning. Here's Hector again:

You can see the yellow wash peaking around the edges. I wish I had left more of it. It's all on the masking tape, so if I pull it off it will be gone. I kind of like it there.

Oil, about 7 in square.