Direct Painting Portrait

My painting semester is over and I've got a bunch of paintings to share. I got a little behind in posting things. This piece is from way back in October in the first half of the semester when we were still working in traditional paints. The goal for this assignment was to directly mix colors from observation. This was in contrast to the previous assignment where we did monochromatic under paintings and then applied color later.

Because this assignment was an exercise in color matching I decided limit myself from doing any blending or mixing on the canvas. Only splotches of flat color ala Lucian Freud. It came out a little flatter than I was hoping but it was interesting to realize how much variation in color there is in areas that look solid at first glance.

Portraits are kind of a new area for me, so I've had a lot of fun practicing.

Oh! Before I forget. I found woman's picture on the photo stream of photographer Debabrata Ray. Go check out his work, he is very talented. I'm afraid I didn't give the original photo justice.

Oil on Board, about 8 in x 10 in